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A Blues brother with soul running through his veins, Red is a passionate artist trailblazing through life on his own path to success. Red draws his inspiration from the greatness of guitarists like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Luther “Georgia Boy” Johnson, as well as pianists like Otis Spann and Ray Charles. Combining their vintage sound with a modern flare and his smoky voice, Red and his stellar band known as the Head Hunters bring you soul, grit and a little bit of fire to give a taste of what it feels like to be at the mercy of the Cannonball.


Incomparable “Kick Ass Blues”

The Cazanovas bring you their own incomparable “Kick Ass Blues” for each and every show, melding timeless blues style that every audience relates to with a fresh energy that keeps them hungry for more. And more they get… Well known blues standards are infused with new groove-driven power, and original tunes are immersed in musical passion and intensity, with lyrics that speak to the force of shared experience. The passion, energy and intensity from each member is apparent as what comes out is “music that is rooted in blues, but doesn’t necessarily sound like a copy of something that we’ve heard before.”

Skylar Saufley

“Skyler Saufley is not your typical blues player, and his journey to become one is uniquely his own.” -The Saber

“Once you pay attention, this soft-spoken young man’s incredible talent becomes impossible to ignore.” -The Citizen of East Alabama

Real Deal

The RDBB group features four seasoned musicians performing traditional American roots and hard-driving classic Chicago Style Blues standards.


Sandra Hall

Empress of the Blues

Sandra L. Hall (born September 5, 1951) is an American blues and soul blues singer and songwriter. She has been billed as Atlanta’s “Empress of the Blues” Hall is an Honorary Member of the Atlanta Blues Society. To date she has released five albums, including three on Ichiban Records.

The Larry Griffith Band

Larry Griffith has been on a musical and geographic journey southward, and his fifth album, Bonafide, is the next step. Like any good blues, it was born of some hardship. Larry recorded it while going through a breakup, and had to halt production for two months to undergo throat surgery. Though the process was trying (because it was trying), the result is an honest and vivid reflection of the road Larry has traveled and the things he’s picked up and carried with him along the way. As songs like “Had Enough,” “It Ain’t What They Call You,” and “I’m Free” attest, Larry was down but never out.


Veronika Jackson

Veronika Jackson has taken the acoustic folk guitar and the history of her culture as an African-American woman, and has generated her own original, authentic, and exciting style of music. She is a rare and unique performer. Her smooth and strong interpretive vocals are very expressive. Her clear, simple rhythmic clean way of piedmont blues-style guitar picking compliments her performances. She has been told that her music says something, it educates and also inspires.


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