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Incomparable “Kick Ass Blues”

The Cazanovas bring you their own incomparable “Kick Ass Blues” for each and every show, melding timeless blues style that every audience relates to with a fresh energy that keeps them hungry for more. And more they get… Well known blues standards are infused with new groove-driven power, and original tunes are immersed in musical passion and intensity, with lyrics that speak to the force of shared experience. The passion, energy and intensity from each member is apparent as what comes out is “music that is rooted in blues, but doesn’t necessarily sound like a copy of something that we’ve heard before.”

Skylar Saufley

“Skyler Saufley is not your typical blues player, and his journey to become one is uniquely his own.” -The Saber

“Once you pay attention, this soft-spoken young man’s incredible talent becomes impossible to ignore.” -The Citizen of East Alabama


Divided by 5 is a new age Atlanta ga based FUNK/SOUL/JAZZ/ROCK/BLUES band with sprinkles of evrthang

Albert White

As a teenager, Albert White began playing with his uncle, the legendary R&B performer Piano Red. Since then, Albert has performed with Joe Tex, Ray Charles, and many other artists during his half-century as a blues and R&B musician

Frankie’s Blues Mission

As the name implies, these gentlemen are on a mission: Their purpose is to present the blues, jazz, R&B and zydeco in the best of the African-American tradition with all the energy they can muster. Frankie’s Blues Mission has been together for over a decade, providing down-home, roots music for grateful listeners in the Southeast region and beyond.


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