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It all started with and idea about blueberry’s. 🙂 The city wanted to have a blueberry day with all the restaurants in downtown Norcross doing blueberry dishes and drinks. Mike Holley worked at The Iron Horse Tavern in downtown Norcross and figured why not add blues music to the combination and call it Bluesberry. His friend Tixie, who worked for the city of Norcross, backed him on it. Tixie told Mike you get the bands, I’ll set up the day… so they did.


Come see blues bands from all over Georgia!

Festival Program

Sat June 17, 2017

Betty Muldin Park 3-10 p.m.
Wasted Potential
Albert White
Beverly Guitar Watkins
Real Deal Blues Band
Cody Matlock

*Times may vary for the bands due to weather and sound check.